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We know the terrain in Russian courts

Corporate disputes / conflicts


Development of strategy in complex corporate disputes in Russia and other countries;


Restoring corporate control, challenging appointment of directors, bringing claims against directors and major shareholders.


Real estate disputes


Claims to land plots, buildings and premises, elimination of obstacles in using real estate, establishing servitudes, acknowledgement of ownership title to real estate, disputes involving illegal actions of the registration authority, challenging and reduction of the market price of real estate, negotiations with neighbors, local and federal authorities.


Constructions disputes


Managing claims arising from constructions agreements including claims for collection of outstanding indebtedness, unjust enrichment, damages, interest, penalty, etc.


Material experience in organization of out-of-court and court expertise establishing the real volume of work done and quality of work. 


IP disputes


Disputes concerned with protection of company names, copyrights, trademarks, internet copyright infringement, internet-related disputes, domain name disputes, defamation, etc.


International approach to disputes

Managing complex arbitrations as counsel, managing / coordinating multijurisdictional teams in international arbitraton under Russian and foreign law.


Recognition and enforcement of international arbitration awards in Russia and support of recognition and enforcement abroad.


Material experience as experts in international arbitration (LCIA, GAFTA) and litigation abroad on Russian law matters, providing legal opinions and being cross-examined.


Fighters for creditors against fraud

Assessment of prospects of bankruptcy proceedings and prospects of collection of outstanding indebtedness in the course of bankruptcy proceedings


Ensuring that client’s claims are entered into the list of creditors 


Negotiating with other creditors and insolvency administrator, managing joint teams with other creditors, obtaining control of bankruptcy proceedings, challenging claims of fake creditors


Challenging transactions with preference and against the interests of the debtor and its creditors


Bringing claims against persons who control debtor including insolvency administrators, shareholders and top managers to the liability


Challenging transactions regarding sak of assets of the bankrupt entity, obtaining and enforcement of injunctive relief forbidding to sell assets


Assessment of grounds, prospects and risks of bankruptcy for the debtor and its top managers and shareholders


Analysis of prospects of iniating criminal and administrative proceedings for fraud, intentional bankruptcy and violations of the law in the course of bankruptcy


We have a pool of reliable and trustworthy self-regulatory organizations and insolvency administrators who act in the interests of the creditors and of the bankrupt 


We go farther than others

Successfully performed asset tracing projects involving Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, UK, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Cyprus, BVI, Panama and many other jurisdictions. We are happy to provide our Clients with asset tracing services of different depth including:


Standard know your client check (current legal status, information from publicly available sources in Russia including real estate, court disputes, enforcement proceedings, etc).


Sophisticated legal intelligence includes extensive research of connections, social networks, media, events, affiliations, business interests, etc.


Prognosis of conflict development and potential outcome of disputes.

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